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Beef Olives -11%

Beef Olives

The finest Pork Sausage Meat in Edinburgh wrapped in tender slices of Braising Steak, casseroled in ..

£4.50 £4.00

Beef Oxtail

Chunky rounds of fresh oxtail cooked or braised for three hours till the fat is soft and gelatinous ..


3kg Mince -10%

3kg Mince

Tender Shoulder of Scotch Beef, packed with flavour, trimmed by our master butchers to guarantee y..

£29.97 £26.98

Best Steak Pie in Scotland

Our Steak Pies fought off the challenge of 250 competitors and were judged the 2017 2018 Scotti..


Beef Sausage

This is a very tasty beef sausage made using our own beef before being put into natural sausage skin..


Scotch Sirloin Steak -14%

Scotch Sirloin Steak

You will love these thick hand cut sirloin steaks,They are juicy and full of flavourful marblingDry ..

£14.00 £12.00

Angus Beef Burgers -11%

Angus Beef Burgers

Our Gold Award Winning Beef BurgerA touch of onion added to tasty seasoning , forms the perfect barb..

£4.50 £4.00

Beef & Tomato Sausage

Lean, Beef sausage, flavoured with Tomato...