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Best Steak Pie in Scotland

Our Steak Pies fought off the challenge of 250 competitors and were judged the 2017 2018 Scotti..


Butchers Special African Beef Stir Fry

Beef Stir Fry in our special "African Sunshine" sauce..


Butchers Special Mexican Chicken Stir Fry

Chicken Stir Fry in our special "Mexican Madness" sauce..


Pork Sausages

A balanced blend of selected pork and tasty seasonings ensures the perfect pork sausage.We have used..



Silverside, the ultimate roasting joint. Scotch Beef, aged on the bone for 21 days, wrapped in basti..


3kg Mince -17%

3kg Mince

Tender Shoulder of Scotch Beef, packed with flavour, trimmed by our master butchers to guarantee y..

£29.97 £24.98

3kg Whole Leg Lamb

Moist Tasty Succulent Whole Leg of Lamb Prepared by our Master Butchers for easy carvingThis tende..


4 Large Chicken Legs -11%

4 Large Chicken Legs

Our chicken legs have the thigh and drumstick both attached making it ideal for grilling, frying and..

£4.50 £4.00

5kg Tub of Chicken Fillets -30%

5kg Tub of Chicken Fillets

For those who like a lot of chicken, our mighty 5kg Tub of Grade A Chicken Fillets is the answer, wi..

£50.00 £35.00

BBQ Pack New -23%

BBQ Pack

5 Beef Burgers4 'Fancy' Sausages (Cumberland, Pork & Black Pepper, Spanish)4 Chicken LegsPork &a..

£26.00 £19.99

Beef & Tomato Sausage

Lean beef sausage meat flavoured with tomato...


Beef Dripping

The perfect way to baste the Sunday Roast. Also great for cooking Yorkshire Puddings or deep frying ..


Beef Olives -11%

Beef Olives

The finest Pork Sausage Meat in Edinburgh wrapped in tender slices of Braising Steak, casseroled in ..

£4.50 £4.00

Beef Oxtail

Chunky rounds of fresh oxtail cooked or braised for three hours till the fat is soft and gelatinous ..


Beef Sausage

This is a very tasty beef sausage made using our own beef before being put into natural sausage skin..


Beef Stroganoff -11%

Beef Stroganoff

This dish is made with fresh ingredients and the finest rump steak all ready to go in an oven proof ..

£4.50 £4.00

Black Pudding

This is, what we believe is one of the best black puddings around - and its local too! Produced by A..


Bombay Curry -11%

Bombay Curry

Succulent chicken breast and vegetables in a classic Indian curry flavoured sauce. A favourite among..

£4.50 £4.00

Boneless Green Gammon

Always popular at Christmas, the word 'gammon' can be traced back to the old French word 'jambe' for..


Boneless Pork Chops -11%

Boneless Pork Chops

Cut from the boneless middle loin which provides the leanest meat, these steaks are immensely popula..

£4.50 £4.00

Breaded Chicken Burgers -11%

Breaded Chicken Burgers

95% chicken meat with a mouth watering seasoning is sure to be a winner with children of all ages.Th..

£4.50 £4.00


Perfect for making your home feel cosy and warm..


Butter Cream

Perfect for making your home feel cosy and warm..


Butterlied Chicken Fillets -11%

Butterlied Chicken Fillets

Two butterflied chicken fillets in a flavoured seasoning. Please select which seasoning you would li..

£4.50 £4.00