Meat Packs

Meat Packs
Pick and mix from across our tasty meat ranges to make up your perfect butcher box and we'll carefully pack it and deliver it quickly and securely to you - saving you time, effort and money.
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Super Saver Beef Pack -24%

Super Saver Beef Pack

This Pack Includes:4 x 28 Day Aged Sirloin Steaks (8oz) 4 x 28 Day Aged Rump Steaks (8oz)1 x 28..

£85.00 £65.00

Family Meat Pack -20%

Family Meat Pack

A fine selection of our most popular products, put together to make a delicious Meat Pack, perfect f..

£24.98 £19.99

Tasty Tartan Pack -22%

Tasty Tartan Pack

Selected Scottish favourites for all the family to indulge at a discounted priceWhole Lorne SausageW..

£45.00 £35.00

Hearty Breakfast Pack -28%

Hearty Breakfast Pack

Everything you need for a delicious family fry up..

£12.50 £8.99

Mince 'n' Stew Pack New -30%

Mince 'n' Stew Pack

A popular meat pack at our Leith shop..

£14.23 £9.99

5kg Tub of Chicken Fillets -30%

5kg Tub of Chicken Fillets

For those who like a lot of chicken, our mighty 5kg Tub of Grade A Chicken Fillets is the answer, wi..

£50.00 £35.00

3kg Mince -17%

3kg Mince

Tender Shoulder of Scotch Beef, packed with flavour, trimmed by our master butchers to guarantee y..

£29.97 £24.98

BBQ Pack New -23%

BBQ Pack

5 Beef Burgers4 'Fancy' Sausages (Cumberland, Pork & Black Pepper, Spanish)4 Chicken LegsPork &a..

£26.00 £19.99