Cooked Meats

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Beef Dripping New

Beef Dripping

The perfect way to baste the Sunday Roast. Also great for cooking Yorkshire Puddings or deep frying ..


Coleslaw New


The most delicious creamy coleslaw you will ever try!..


Cooked Tripe & Onion New

Cooked Tripe & Onion

This is the stomach of an ox and is sold cooked in a container with onions. Simply add it, along wi..


Gala Pie New

Gala Pie

A loaf shaped pork pie with boiled free range eggs down the centre. Ideal for salads or a buffet.Thi..


Gravy Dripping New

Gravy Dripping

Perfect for making traditional Scottish Stovies..


Potted Meat New

Potted Meat

This is a Scottish delicacy available from most butchers in Scotland. The word hough is the Scots ..