Our Lambs are especially selected for us from either Wigton or Forfar markets.

They have the impressive flavour reflecting the diets of natural grasses our free ranging flocks mature upon.

Scotch Lamb is prime in September and October

Easily cooked, extremely tender and tasty , a great family treat.
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3kg Whole Leg of Lamb

Moist Tasty Succulent Whole Leg of Lamb Prepared by our Master Butchers for easy carvingThis tende..


Shank End Leg of Lamb

A Family favourite, with an abundance of lean, succulent meat ideal for a Sunday roast with a..


Diced Lamb Shoulder

Moist Tasty Succulent Shoulder Lamb Prepared by our Master Butchers either diced or slicedThis ten..


Lamb Mince -11%

Lamb Mince

Minced lamb makes excellent flavoursome mince. Ideal to make kebabs. Our mince is made from the lamb..

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