Burns Night

A traditional haggis consists of lamb, beef, oatmeal, onions and special seasoning. Good to eat at any time but the essential dish for a Burns Night supper. Burns Night is celebrated on the 25th of January every year. We have selected our range of haggis products that will help you celebrate.

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 Our traditional Haggis has gathered a well deserved reputation and will grace any supper. ..


Haggis Parcel

Boneless Chicken Leg, stuffed with haggis and wrapped with our own cure streaky bacon..


Haggis Truffles -25%

Haggis Truffles

Our burger mix rolled into a ball and stuffed with haggis then coated with breadcrumbs. Makes the pe..

£5.99 £4.50

Haggis Wrap -11%

Haggis Wrap

Haggis wrapped in a thin slice of chicken & bacon..

£4.50 £4.00