Rolled Sirloin

The King Of Beef Roasts

Prime Scottish Rolled Sirloin is the ultimate in beef roasting joint. The covering of fat on this matured cut helps to baste the joint giving you slice after slice of succulent, tasty beef. Lovingly prepared by our craft butchers for ease of carving Ideal for dinner parties or other special occasions. Suitable for home freezing. ENJOY

Weight Price Quantity
1 kg £30.00
1.5 kg £45.00
2 kg £60.00
3 kg £90.00

Cooking tips

Suggested Cooking Times
Rare: 15-20 mins per 450g plus 20 mins
Medium: 21-25 mins per 450g plus 20 mins
Well done: 26-30 mins per 450g plus 20 mins


Suggested Quantities 250 grams per serving

Recipe Ideas

Roast Scotch Sirloin

Roast Scotch Sirloin

Excellent Roast for the family


Roast Scotch Sirloin