Kelly Bronze Turkey 4 to 4.99 kilo entertains 6


Kelly Turkey

The Rolls Royce of Turkeys

The Monk’s Family in the heart of Ayrshire have had the Scottish franchise for Kelly’s Turkeys for over ten years

Kelly turkeys are truly free range, free to range in the clover meadows surrounding the farm and are fed on an oat rich, well balanced, natural cereal diet that is devoid of anything artificial.

All Kelly turkeys are fully matured and are almost three times the age of intensively reared turkeys which not only ensures greater flavour but also and more importantly more meat per bird, and therefore provides greater value than any other turkey

 They are dry plucked, game hung for two weeks to further enhance the flavour, packed with their giblets, full cooking Instructions and a complimentary meat thermometer,

Everything to ensure you have the perfect Kelly Turkey as your centrepiece for your Festive table.

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