Complement your Valentine Steak

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Complement your Valentine Steak


Verstegen Pepper Sauce

Garlic Button Mushrooms

Mediterranean Vegetables

Better Than Homemade Potato Gratin

Sliced Red Onion

3 Brownies (third one for sharing??)




1 Get your Steak to Room Temperature (Approx. 30 mins out of fridge)

2 Pre-Heat oven to 180*C

3 Place Potato Gratin into oven for 30 minutes

4 Place Garlic Mushrooms Mediterranean Vegetables and Sliced Red Onion into oven for 20 minutes.

Steak: Season Steak with Salt & Pepper

Cook the Steak

1 Get a pan to a very hot heat with butter and Olive oil

2 Season one side of Steak with Salt & Pepper

3 Lay the Seasoned side of the steak into sizzling pan (carefully to avoid splashing yourself)

4 Sear the steak

5 Season the un-seared side of with Salt & Pepper

6 Turn the steak over and sear both sides

7 Cook the Steak for approx. 3 minutes both sides.

8 Rest the steak for ten minutes after cooking

9 Once the components are cooked heat your Sauce and Plate up

10 The Third Brownie is for sharing