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Best Steak Pie in Scotland

Our Steak Pies fought off the challenge of 250 competitors and were judged the 2017 2018 Scotti..


Leith Bridie -10%

Leith Bridie

Our Leith Bridie, far better than the one from Forfar, is a delicious horseshoe-shaped baked meat ..

£1.90 £1.71

Mince Round

One of our most popular pies our Mince Round contains only the finest steak mince. Our mince is cook..


Sausage Rolls -10%

Sausage Rolls

Great as a snack or serve with beans and chips for a quick, easy tasty dinner. Packed with our own t..

£2.45 £2.20

Scotch Pie -10%

Scotch Pie

A scotch pie with a generous meaty filling packed into a wonderful tasty pastry with an authentic cr..

£1.90 £1.71


Handmade cake from the Fort William craft bakery. In a range of different flavours..