Speciality Cuts

Speciality Cuts

All our prime Christmas beef is selected in November and is therefore perfectly aged for your extra enjoyment as an alternative to the traditional turkey.

Our butchers are masters of their craft, and take a delight in preparing especial cuts for you such as French Trimmed Loin of Lamb from the Scottish Borders or the “oh so easy-to-carve” Rib Roast dry aged for over 27 days.

Not only will they expertly prepare the cuts but also are prepared to give you their expert advice on how to cook and carve the joint

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Silverside, the ultimate roasting joint. Scotch Beef, aged on the bone for 21 days, wrapped in basti..


Fillet Steak

Selected from Prime Scotch Beef. These tender, tasty steaks, full of flavour have been matured on th..


Scotch Bone-In Rib Roast

Ideal for a big feast, this is one of the most prized cuts of the beast, and requires skill to prepa..


Scotch Rolled Rib Roast

The stronger marbling of Rib Eye makes this roasting joint one of the most succulent and full of fla..


Scotch Rolled Sirloin

Prime Scottish rolled sirloin is the ultimate in beef roasting joint. The covering of fat on th..


Shank End Leg of Lamb

Leg of Lamb prepared for easy carving, sourced from the Scottish Borders.Ask the butcher to loo..