Why not spoil your family this Christmas by presenting them with a traditional festive meal of succulent roast goose?
Alemill Farm Geese are free range, enjoying and benefiting from grazing in grassy paddocks in a coastal farm with magnificent views of Eyemouth and beyond.
They grow slowly to full maturity, are fed only on a natural diet and are available for you to enjoy at Christmas.
Ian Logan is proud of his free range geese which are traditionally game hung for a further two weeks to enhance the depth of flavour and succulence. Cooking couldn’t be simpler and to guarantee the cook praise, Alemill include inside the carry-home box cooking guidelines and tips on how to prepare the perfect Christmas goose, stress free.
The result is the tastiest alternative celebratory meal. We have not been able to find a better goose anywhere
Goose Fat is available for the Crispiest Roast Potatoes imaginable
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Alemill Goose - Preorder now. Available for collection from 23rd December

Preorder now. Available for collection from 23rd December A 4 kilo Alemill Goose will entertain 4..


Goose Fat

An 12oz tub of rendered goose fat from Alemill Farm in Berwickshire..