We market Lamb from the Scottish Borders especially selected by our experienced buyers for their sweetness and flavour

Hung for a full week to enhance flavour and tenderness

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Butterflied Leg of Lamb

Butterflied Leg of Lamb from the Scottish Borders.This delicious moist tasty Leg of Lamb has been bo..


Diced Lamb Shoulder

Diced Shoulder of Lamb, from the Scottish Borders, is ideal for the heart of a Lamb Stew or Curry.&n..


Double Loin Lamb Chops

From the Scottish Borders .The T.Bone Steaks of the Lamb.Trimmed to perfection, succulent and sweet...


Lamb Cutlets

Pack of Three Sweet Lamb Loin Chops from the Scottish Borders. These chops are taken from the C..


Lamb Gigot Chops

A pack of three (approx 400 grams) deliciously tasty, tender Chump ChopsFrom the Scottish Borders, h..


Lamb Mince -11%

Lamb Mince

Minced lamb makes excellent flavoursome mince. Ideal to make kebabs. Our mince is made from the lamb..

£4.50 £4.00

Lamb Shanks

Cut from the lower part of the leg with the bone left in, lamb shanks are lean and full of ri..


Leg of Lamb Boned and Rolled

Leg of Lamb Boned and Rolled, 2.5kg from the Scottish Borders.This delicious moist tasty Leg of Lamb..


Rolled Shoulder of Scotch Lamb

Lamb Shoulder is another traditional cut, not as tender and lean as the leg, but a slow roast s..


Shank End Leg of Lamb

Leg of Lamb prepared for easy carving, sourced from the Scottish Borders.Ask the butcher to loo..